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Please email cloistersuk@btinternet.com with any questions you may have. Regency dresses and men’s Regency suits are our highest demand, along with Brigderton gowns, suits, etc. We do, however, create costumes from caveman to fantasy.

  As with most successful businesses, Costumes by Cloisters was founded because of a niche in the market; somewhere you could buy quality period costumes at realistic prices conducive with the event being attended, e.g. Fancy Dress costumes, Re-enactment costumes, Masquerade Ball gowns, Theatre costumes, Themed wedding costumes, et al.

  In 1996, Nuala and Carey, the founders of CBCUK, were invited to a themed event, yet were unable to find the costumes they wanted. There were costumes available at a the lower price end, but these were clearly mass produced and not of a very pleasing quality. They then looked into hiring their costumes, but quickly found that, to get the right costumes of good quality, they would have to pay a higher price which, in itself, added additional, considerable cost to the event they were attending.

  Deciding that the only way she could ensure their costumes would be what they wanted; that the quality would be good, and that they would be totally unique, Nuala designed and created them. An added advantage to creating said costumes was that they would be able to use them time and again. 

  Such was the impact the costumes made at the event, many requests were made for orders. She worked flat-out designing and creating, whilst expanding her knowledge by studying textiles,  design & history at night school.  She soon realised that additional assistance was needed to help with the ever increasing demand for the costumes. To her delight, her husband, Carey, expressed an interest.  Grasping the techniques needed for both designing and creating costumes, the business then went from strength to strength, building a reputation of individual customer service by providing quality costumes at realistic prices, internationally.

   The business was established in 2004 and the company, over the nigh on three decades, has grown to the extent where the workforce needed to be increased further. Not wanting to lose the ethos of the business, more relatives became involved, thus maintaining the established, proven family business formula.

 Costumes by Cloisters soon became known for quality, individuality, and an accommodating, friendly service. It is, and will remain, a family business you can trust, and we will always endeavour to bring you superior garments that are as unique as you are.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require a costume that is not featured, or for any questions you may have.


Contact phone numbers : (+44)7933 802 247   

Email :  cloistersuk@btinternet.com  

21 Chapel Lane, Rangemore, Staffordshire DE13 9RR U.K.