Hand Embroidering a Regency Gown July 13 2022

Sitting in the sunshine, embroidering a Regency gown, is a lovely way to pass an afternoon. Elizabeth Bennet & Jane Bennet would have indeed picked up their embroidery work, so as not to be idle when sitting down. Many a scene in Pride & Prejudice featured them doing so, while their younger sisters pulled Regency bonnets apart and argued whose was whose!

Once this Regency muslin gown is finished (hopefully in time for the Jane Austen Festival in Bath) it will be available for purchase, whether for a Regency ball, or a Bridgerton ball. 

It’s good to be back. May 06 2022

After such a long and, somewhat, traumatic period, it is good to be trading once again. 
Many of you will have experienced the emotional impact of the last 30~months ~ it has affected so many of us. In addition to the Covid pandemic, our European cousins are still suffering under extreme oppression!
These are very trying times, yet, if the chance arises for you to embark on a little light relief, then grab it and dance like you’ve never danced before. 

We wish you every happiness, now and for the future.  Let’s raise a toast to happier, trouble free times ahead.

With love from us to you X


Gothic Make-up September 25 2015

Hi all! We are attending the Whitby Goth Fest this Halloween for the first time and I'm a little bit clueless as to how to do my make up! Can anybody suggest on tips, products, techniques that will help at all please? I'll be wearing an all black Victorian mourning ladies outfit with possible black lace veil. Thank you kindly! Really looking forward to this & hope to see you there! Victoria

Waterloo Ball 2015 April 24 2015

Fulfilling many a suit order for these wonderful few days in June! Wishing all going a fabulous trip!



Whitby Goth Weekend 2015 January 17 2015

   Very excited for the 21st birthday of this festival! Who else is going??

Craft, Hobby + Stitch International January 16 2015

Looking forward to attending the Craft Hobby + Stitch Internationals 40th trade show!